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    Monday, March 13, 2006

    Interrupt This

    The thought occurred to me last night that I spend a LOT more time talking to people on instant messenger than I do in person. I've used AIM a lot ever since I started college (waaaay back in 1998) but back then, I also talked to people face to face too. After I graduated from OSU, I moved to New Orleans. I didn't know anyone down there, and I didn't have free nights and weekends on my cell (can you imagine?!?) so instant messenger was the way to go.

    The thing is, I type fast. I mean, really fast. As fast as I think. And sometimes, I'm chatting with people who don't have a version of AIM that allows me to see when they're typing (or they have that feature turned off, which is just annoying). So I'm often asking questions or making comments at the same time whoever I'm chatting with is typing out the answer or saying the same thing. It makes for funny AIM transcripts, or "great minds think alike" moments, but it also breeds bad habits when I do the same thing in the real world.

    I interrupt people all the time! I know my mom taught me better than that. And I hear myself doing it, and I'm so annoyed, but I can't seem to stop. Last night I made the connection between how my brain communicates over AIM and how I communicate in person. Where on the computer I often feel like I'm telling someone they type too slow, in person, it's like I think they TALK too slow, or worse; THINK too slow.

    Basically, I can be an asshole and I'd rather blame the computer than myself.


    Blogger amanda m. said...

    Ditto. They think too slow.

    4:48 PM  

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