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    Friday, September 09, 2005


    Two important things happened today. First, I got a job with UPS FINALLY and I start Monday, whoo-hoo! Second, my white bead necklace broke. Broke and flung beads all over my bathroom, and many went down the sink. This doesn't sound like a big deal - after all, I think the necklace cost $9 - but I bought it when I was in high school and have worn it not everyday, but about nearly ever since. I just have to wonder how many people I hung out with in high school or even college would remember those beads now. They were a short strand (14" - choker length) and were white mixed in with clear, which I always thought was kind of stunning when I had a tan. They looked good with a t-shirt, but I could pull them off with a skirt or dress also. When I first stretched my lobes, I picked white cat's eye beads for by CBR's during my first stretch just to match the necklace, and my current plugs are clear pyrex (2g) for the same reason. I LOVED those beads and I felt like some of who I was went down the drain with them. I bought them at a mall kiosk in Cincinnati, the Kenwood Towne Centre, to be exact. I seriously doubt it's still there.


    Blogger Paul said...

    hey congrats on the job... but that sucks that you lost something like that - it's strange how objects can come to symbolise so much more and represent so much to you. see, now, i reeckon yo've got two choices: go for a replacement set or something completely different. i'd say the latter as the replacemtn ones will never be quite as good. maybe you could try going to one of those bead shops and making your own??

    10:55 AM  
    Blogger Dean said...

    Yah, I agree with Paul.

    You won't be able to recreate it exactly, but you might be able to make something that feels right.

    Heh, the anti-spam word below is 'fvpubiks'. It said 'pubik'.

    9:01 AM  

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