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    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    Today Sucked

    I hate blogs that are all bitching, but seriously. It really did!

    I woke up with horrible, horrible cramps in my stomach a full hour before my alarm went off. I thrashed around in bed for awhile, and eventually gave up on sleep and began my day.

    I started off to work, but the cramps only got worse, so I went back home.

    I laid in bed for awhile, then went in the bathroom. From the bathroom, I heard the phone ringing, and the answering machine pick up. I couldn't hear the message over the fans in the bathroom, so I hobbled out to play it back.

    It was the girl from the new apartment complex. I've yet to meet her in person, so I don't know what nationality she is, but English is NOT her first language, and it's always a challenge to decipher the messages she leaves. I listened to the message twice, because I thought I heard her say that my apartment wasn't ready.

    My house is about 40% packed. If I'd worked today, it would have been my last day. Tomorrow and Thursday were devoted to more packing, my parents are arriving Friday to help, and Saturday we get a U-Haul. Sunday, we drive to Orlando; Monday, we move into the new apartment.

    Six days from now. SIX DAYS.

    I call the apartment complex back, and a very flustered Sernela deals with me for about thirty seconds before getting a manager. I'm not normally sarcastic to people I don't know, and I'm not the type to yell at strangers, but I definitely got loud with this poor woman, shouting, "IS IT NORMAL FOR YOU TO CALL SOMEONE SIX DAYS BEFORE THEY MOVE AND TELL THEM YOU CAN'T GIVE THEM THE APARTMENT!!!"

    I gave them the security deposit in the middle of June. In the meantime, the complex began eviction procedures on the person who was supposed to be leaving my new apartment. Apparently, this takes weeks, and no one realized that I was supposed to move into the apartment until today.

    Since I hadn't signed a lease yet, I didn't have any legal standing with the company. The fact that I have to be out of this apartment Sunday, and that I'm moving 250 miles, that I've already rented a truck doesn't matter. I was offered another apartment, smaller than the one I'd reserved, and told that if I wanted to move into the bigger apartment once it's ready, she wouldn't charge me a transfer fee. HOW NICE OF HER.

    So I spent all day on the phone and online, talking to people who just didn't understand the situation. For instance, I'd already set up my new phone and DSL service. It would be activated Friday. No one at BellSouth seemed to understand why I needed to change an unactivated service to another address. The post office couldn't understand why I was changing from an Orlando address to another Orlando address while I still lived in Tallahassee. The bank said I have to wait ten days to change my address again, and no, there was no way to keep my statement from being mailed until after the ten days, so it most likely is going to go to the wrong apartment.

    I did all this while periodically having to lay down when the pains in my stomach became unbearable. I took some advil and the pain subsided, but I can still feel that there's something wrong and I'm not sure what it is.

    Who knows how this is going to work out.



    Blogger Dean said...

    Sometimes you just gotta bitch. Today sure sounds like one of those times.

    I wish there was something I could do for you, some person I could yell at, or someone I could evict. That'd be cool.

    I'm thinking warm thoughts in your direction. Not that it'll likely help, but still.

    6:59 PM  
    Blogger sxKitten said...

    I agree, a little bitching is entirely justified. I hope it all works out.

    10:39 PM  

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    Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    Poor Neglected Blog

    I've been slacking on the blog something terrible lately. It's partially because I have a job, and I'm out working most of the day instead of sitting in front of the computer. It's also because I've put myself online, and it's kind of exhausting keeping track of two personas. Not that I've started another blog - but I created a page on MySpace, and the time I used to spend writing to the blog has been spent talking to people I've met there.

    I joined MySpace because I wanted to meet people online that I might actually hang out with in person. I mean, I've met people through the blog that I wouldn't mind meeting in real life, but to the best of my knowledge, none of my fellow bloggers live in Florida. None of the people I talk with on memetika do either. Since I'm moving next month, I wanted a site where I put my real name, real location, and try to make some friends I could hang out with in person.

    Of course, I'm much more reserved on MySpace. Not that my anonymous persona is so wild, but on the blog and on memetika, I'm openly bisexual and I speak freely of my drug use. Now, I'm not ashamed of either of these things, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want a future employer, or even my family to read about these things. If I ever fall in love with a woman, I'll tell my parents that I like girls. In the meantime, it's only about sex, and telling them would be the equivalent of me saying over dinner one night, "hey mom, dad, I really like to fuck doggy-style."

    As for the drug use, I stand by the fact that MDMA has rescued me from the worst of my depression - but that doesn't make it legal, so I'd rather share that information only with people who can benefit from it. I'd love Love LOVE to tell my parents about it, but I just don't think they'd understand. I've considered it a number of times - mostly while I was still using often, still making large purchases - if only because I feared that I'd be arrested, and they'd be convinced I was some kind of junkie. I wanted them to know that the benefits I've had made getting arrested an acceptable risk.

    Also, I still depend on my parents for help financially. They basically cover me in two departments - healthcare and car maintenance. They picked up where my insurance fell short during this past year's debacle, and whenever my car stops running, they fork over the cash to get it started again. If they knew that a significant portion of my income went to buying drugs, I think they'd cut me off. Of course, in my book, the drugs would fall under that category of "picking up where health insurance falls short" but I don't think that would fly.

    The funny thing is, on MySpace, I want to meet the kind of people who are relaxed about recreational drug use and sexuality, but I don't feel comfortable advertising this. A couple of times, I've met an interesting person on MySpace and I want to tell them about memetika, but I don't want them connecting that persona to my real name (and it wouldn't be hard - my profile pictures are very similar).

    I don't know why I'm so bummed out by this. We don't walk around in person with signs advertising our personalities. Well, I guess if you have just the right t-shirt you do...


    Blogger sxKitten said...

    I think that's a large part of the appeal of blogs - you can remain semi-anonymous, which lets you be as open as you want about who you are. I know I've written a lot of things that not even my closest friends know about me (well, except my closest friend, because he's the one who gave me my name, and my reason for writing).

    9:38 PM  
    Blogger Paul said...

    bizarrely, i think that's how i manage to tell my parents about the less legal aspects to my life. i'd write them on the blog, and then they'd read it... i mean i wouldn't go into great detail, but i'm sure they could read between the lines.

    i'm sure there are loads of bloggers in florida and i bet they organise get togethers to meet people - they did that in montreal: YULBlog (apparently the longest running blogger group meeting) so i'd be surprised if a similar thing didn't exist

    8:05 AM  

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